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Learn more about the Human-Centric Approach and how to foster successful labor relations and to unleash the human potential for the future economy.

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Five Basic Principles of the Human-Centric Approach

to employee’s professional development*

* These principles formed the basis of the WorldSkills Kazan 2019 Skills Declaration.

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Press the electron to learn more about the approach
Press the electron to learn more about the approach
Press the electron to learn more about the approach
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Knowledge Database

Cases, Benchmarks and Insights on Company’s Human-Centric Transformation.

How can employees develop life-long necessary skills and be on high demand?

What employers should do to efficiently engage, develop and retain talents?

You can take part in the Corporate Human-Centricity research initiative by discussing the human-centricity principles and submitting your company’s cases.

Why Human-Centricity is important?

The focus of human-centric businesses is around the interests of an employee, staff and society as whole. They create ecosystems that leverage:


knowledge and competencies of each employee to succeed in a rapidly changing labor market


a system of incentives that activate personal growth


a set of specific tools that unleash one’s potential.

Key Labor Trends

From flexibility to radical flexibility: an employee can choose not only time and place of work but also colleagues and duration.

Shift from employer’s to employee’s values.

Rethinking the work concept: from work for pay to work for passion.

Importance of a long-term partnership between a company and an employee.

Shift from a common social package to a diverse support.

Why companies benefit from going human-centric?

Various studies confirm that it is beneficial for businesses to focus on human development.

Enhancing employees’ loyalty.

The correlation ratio between the amount of investments in employees and their loyalty is high - 43%.

Increasing employees’ productivity.

Businesses with evolved educational ecosystem boost the productivity by 30%.

Increasing the profits.
x 3

In-kind benefits for employees can triple profits.

Improving the business resilience.
x 7

Systems of advanced HR analytics allow companies to be more adaptive (up to seven times) in a ever changing world.

*According to studies made by Work Institute, Theory&Practice, HSE University, The Joshbersin Company.

Project Milestones

August 2019

WorldSkills Kazan-2019 Championship and the adoption of the WorldSkills Kazan 2019 Skills Declaration.

Download declaration
September 2019

"Mass uniqueness: Fixing the Global Skills Mismatch", a report with BCG. The goal was to study a qualification mismatch in Russia and worldwide.

September 2020

"Corporate mission: talents", a report with HSE University, on the role of businesses in creating an environment for human development, enhancing employees’ capabilities and motivation.

November 2021

Launch of the "Corporate Human-Centricity Index", a research initiative with HSE University and BCG.

December 2022

Report Presentation of the research initiative “Corporate Human-Centricity Index».

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